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Gamble Responsibly

Cricsq provides free previews and betting tips for most International and major Twenty 20 cricket matches that occur across the globe. It is not a bookmaker but we do have links to bookmaking websites and discuss cricket betting related topics.

Cricsq is committed to responsible gambling.

All users of the website who wish to bet must check their local laws to check the legality of betting where they are. Always bet with a licenced bookmaker.

10 tips for Gambling Responsibly by Begambleaware:.

Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

Set a money limit in advance.

Set a time limit in advance.

Balance gambling with other activities.

Take frequent breaks.

Don't think of gambling as a way to make money.

Never chase your losses.

Don't gamble when you're depressed or upset.

Don't take your bank card with you.

Don't drink or use drugs when gambling.

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Keep a record of all bets:

In order to gamble responsibly it can be helpful to record all bets. Some gamblers only remember their wins and readily forget their loses causing them to have no idea how much money they have spent on gambling.

At Cricsq we are committed to recording all our tips in our betting diary for a transparent record of how we are performing. Gamblers should not be afraid to question tipsters who fail to provide a comphrensive record of their tips.

Do not chase loses or reinvestment all winnings:

At Cricsq all our tips are at a flat rate of full, half or quarter stake. This is a much less emotional way of gambling than chasing loses or reinvesting winnings. Our betting diary shows our tips have good and bad runs. Chasing loses when the results are not good would have led to ruin. Continuously reinvesting winnings will usually eventually lead to losing everything as no one can win all the time.

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