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Albert TUTI Patriots

Cricsq Rank83
Cricsq Rating48.6
Last 3W L L
Bat 1st Win%61.1
Bat 2st Win%64.3
Av Bat 1st165.3
Av Bat 2nd139.8

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Recent Matches

2019-08-09LostChepauk Super GilliesTirunelveli
2019-08-06LostRuby Kanchi WarriorsDindigul
2019-08-01WonKaraikudi KaalaiDindigul
2019-07-30LostVB Thiruvallur VeeransTirunelveli
2019-07-27LostDindigul DragonsTirunelveli
2019-07-25WonLyca Kovai KingsDindigul
2019-07-20LostMadurai Super GiantsDindigul
2018-08-05WonKaraikudi KaalaiTirunelveli
2018-08-01LostRuby Kanchi WarriorsDindigul
2018-07-28WonChepauk Super GilliesChennai
2018-07-24LostDindigul DragonsDindigul
2018-07-22LostMadurai Super GiantsDindigul
2018-07-20WonLyca Kovai KingsDindigul
2018-07-15WonVB Thiruvallur VeeransTirunelveli
2017-08-20LostChepauk Super GilliesChennai
2017-08-15WonChepauk Super GilliesChennai
2017-08-13WonMadurai Super GiantsDindigul
2017-08-05WonVB Thiruvallur VeeransTirunelveli
2017-08-03WonLyca Kovai KingsTirunelveli
2017-08-01WonChepauk Super GilliesTirunelveli
2017-07-30WonKaraikudi KaalaiTirunelveli
2017-07-26WonRuby Kanchi WarriorsDindigul
2017-07-22WonDindigul DragonsChennai
2016-09-18WonChepauk Super GilliesChennai
2016-09-16WonDindigul DragonsTirunelveli
2016-09-13WonMadurai Super GiantsChennai
2016-09-11WonRuby Kanchi WarriorsDindigul
2016-09-07WonVB Thiruvallur VeeransDindigul
2016-09-04No ResultDindigul DragonsTirunelveli
2016-09-03LostKaraikudi KaalaiTirunelveli
2016-08-31LostLyca Kovai KingsChennai
2016-08-24WonChepauk Super GilliesChennai

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All metrics are calculated on matches from 1st January 2014

* To qualify for a bowling or batting rating player must have bowled 200 balls (for bowling) or faced 200 balls (for batting) in the last year in T20 internationals and/or major leagues.

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